ACTIVE HALF-LIFE 5-12 hours
 DOSAGE Men 25-200 mg/day
 HBR Possible
 WAREHOUSE International Warehouse 1
 SUBSTANCE Sildenafil,


Suhagra-100 is a new product of a pharmaceutical company Cipla, that is registered in India. Suhagra-100 is a generic copy of Viagra — a well-known medicine that treats erectile disorders. Hence, Suhagra is identical to Viagra in its action, form and dosage. One of the greatest advantages of Suhagra over Viagra is a much lower price. Being a replica of Viagra, the generic version has the same effectiveness and quality, but it is much more affordable. The main active substance in both medicines is Sildenafil Citrate, that provides improvement in the male potency.

Indications and usage:

Generic Suhagra is a modern reliable medical drug, that is designed to treat potency problems in men, regardless of their age. There’s only one age restriction in Suhagra usage: it is not recommended for men under 18. This highly effective drug eliminates the symptoms of the disease, that is so embarrassing to talk about. The drug action is aimed to get a natural reaction (erection) on sexual arousal. Suhagra-100 improves blood circulation and blood supply in the penis, which leads to better erection. As a result, the man’s libido goes up, and pleasant sensations last during the entire sexual intercourse.

In deciding to start the treatment course with Suhagra, do not neglect a visit to the doctor for a consultation. Only a medical expert can consider all the advantages and disadvantages for your individual case. Suhagra may cause a number of side effects, for example, a slight temporary drop in the arterial pressure. For this reason, there are particular cases, when the usage of Suhagra is not recommended.

First of all, the patient has to undergo an appropriate examination to diagnose the erectile dysfunction. It is necessary to rule out risks of potential negative consequences, and to make sure that the usage of the drug will be safe for you. The treatment may have a reaction to certain medical drugs in the body. The doctor also has to check your heart, to make sure that the stress of having sex will not do harm to you. Make sure that you provide your doctor with full comprehensive information about the history of your health problems (if you have or had any), medical drugs that you are taking, as well as facts about your lifestyle.

Dosage and Instruction:

The drug comes in pills with 100 mg of Sildenafil Citrate in each pill. It is the maximum daily dosage of Sildenafil Citrate. Thus, it is not recommended to take more than 1 pill a day. If you feel that you need to reduce the dose, a half of the pill can be taken. If you think that 100 mg is not enough for you, consult with the doctor before increasing the dosage.
Suhagra is taken 1 hour prior to the sexual intercourse. The effect lasts for 4-5 hours. The erection occurs due to natural sexual arousal and lasts up to the ejaculation.
A greater effect can be achieved if the drug is taken on an empty stomach. Suhagra-100 does not mix well with alcohol and fat food. Appropriate emotional state and sexual arousal improve the erection.

Side effects:

Like any medicine, Suhagra pill can cause side effects. Usually, they are not very strong, and they do not last long. Some of the side effects occur only when taking the maximum dosage. Most often, the drug causes fluctuations in the arterial pressure, redness and hot flashes in the face and upper body, headaches and dizziness. Sometimes the patient may experience:

photosensitivity, blurry vision, inadequate perception of colors (inability to distinguish between blue and green);
digestive disorders, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea;
nasal congestion.

The same side effects appear in case of overdosage, but in a severe form. There were reports of hypersensitivity reactions (including skin rashes), seizures, fainting, epistaxis. Difficulty breathing, short-term decrease or loss of vision, sudden loss of hearing were seen in rare cases. It is impossible to say for sure, whether these side effects were caused by Suhagra, or by other conditions, factors or medical drugs. In any case, if you experience any of these signs, do not hesitate to contact your doctor.

Compatibility with alcohol and medical drugs:

A simultaneous intake of Suhagra-100 and other medical drugs can change the effect on potency. In deciding to start or stop taking any medications always get a consultation with your doctor. This applies both to prescription and non-prescription drugs. It is highly important not to mix Suhagra with drugs containing nitrates due to potential severe side effects (see above).

If you are treating hypertension or problems with the prostate gland with drugs of alpha-blockers group, your blood pressure may drop significantly. This may result in feeling dizzy and weak.
Reduce the dosage of Suhagra to 1/4 of a pill (25 mg of Sildenafil Citrate) if you are taking protease inhibitors. The intervals between the intakes should be at least 48 hours. Do not take Suhagra if you are already taking any other drugs that cause erection, be it tablets, injections (drugs injected into the penis), or any other medical forms.

Suhagra is incompatible with nitrates, phenytoin, antibiotics, tryptophan, lithium, beta-adrenoblockers.
Excessive alcohol intake is not recommended when using this medical remedy. No more than one glass of wine is allowed.


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